5 Must-Have Hunting Supplies

When it comes to hunting, there are those things that you will definitely need: your weapons, a compass, a map of the area in which you are hunting. However, there are those items that people tend to forget about, but are no less important or even integral to the hunting experience. In fact, many of these items can even save your life. It is important to remember that, even if you are familiar with the area in which you are hunting, you are still in the wilderness and it is important to bring supplies with you that can help you out of a pickle. Included in this article are 5 must have hunting supplies.

Fire Starter

This is perhaps the most important tool at your disposal, and you should have several methods of obtaining fire just in case you need it. It is highly recommended that you carry with you, at the very least, a lighter for every day use. Wind and water resistant matches are an absolute must during any hunting excursion, for example, and you should keep them in a place on your person that is safe from the elements.

Small Tools

It's important to carry small tools on you at all times, as you never know when or what you're going to need. It is highly recommended that you carry a small multi tool on your belt. These handy dandy things are small, lightweight and can perform a variety of functions in addition to being quite resilient. It is also recommended that you carry a small razor blade knife with you, as well. This can serve to pull out any splinters or gored fingernails or toenails from which you might suffer from on your hunting excursion.

Light Sources

A battery-operated flashlight is an absolute must for any hunting trip, as most people know. However, it is highly recommended that you bring additional light sources that are lightweight, small, and easy to conceal, so they won't take up that much extra space in your travel pack. Make sure that you keep the batteries in a place that is outside of the flashlight itself. If the batteries leak, this can destroy the inner machinations of the flashlight and leave you without a light source.


Paracord is one of the most often overlooked yet most absolutely useful tools that you should absolutely bring with you on each and every one of your hunting excursions. It is highly recommended that bring at least 25 feet of paracord with you on your hunting trips. You can use this for a wide array of reasons, which include everything from cutting off a bit of it to replace lost or worn bootlaces to securing loads on your pack to replacing lost or damaged drawstrings on garments.

Self-Locking Cable Snares

While most people believe that they are skillful enough to catch a bird or other form of wild game out in the wilderness without the aid of a firearm, most of these people are, in fact, incorrect. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in the wilderness without the aid of a firearm, you should bring a set of 3 self-locking cable snares with you. These operate as a perfect trap for which you can trap game and not worry about starving over the course of several nights.

Don't be caught "naked" in the wilderness during a hunting excursion. Bring along these 5 essential items in order to be adequately prepared for the worst conditions—even if you're not expecting them. Learn more about these and other helpful accessories by contacting companies like Chauncey's Pawn & Gun.