6 Tiny Disney Characters To Dress Your Baby Up As

The world of Disney is full of larger than life characters like the Genie from Aladdin, Simba from The Lion King, and the Beast from Beauty & the Beast, but they also have memorable characters in small packages. As you are planning fun infant costumes for your young infant, you can look to the world of Disney for some of their smallest characters that bring laughs, inspirations, and cute designs that are ideal for a baby. Each of the six costumes comes directly from Disney movies and can be purchased for various events like birthdays, Halloween, or a special baby photo shoot.

Chicken Little

In a town full of animals, Chicken Little stands up to be a big hero when aliens invade. As the main character of the film, Chicken Little features some unique designs that can really make your baby stand out. For the base of the costume, you can purchase a white feathered costume for your baby. Add a striped shirt over the costume along with a pair of shorts. Complete the design with fake oversized glasses that sit on the baby's face.


The little fish that gets taken away from his father features cute colors and would look great on a baby. Instead of an official Nemo costume, you can actually dress your baby in any type of clown fish costume to achieve the same look. A clown fish costume with a hood and fake eyes on it will really make the little fish design come to life.

Cinderella Mice

The real heroes in the film Cinderella have to be the collection of talking mice. Jaq and Gus are two of the mice characters that help craft Cinderella's dress, evade disastrous plans from Lucifer the cat, and are eventually transformed into Cinderella's ride to the ball. The costume design for these mice is simple. Put your baby is a solid-colored cropped t-shirt, color their nose black, and top them off with a a hat that features a rounded point at the top. This is a cute and simple design that even fussy babies can wear well.


One of Disney's most heroic dogs is Bolt. The furry and goofy character traveled across the country in the adventure film, and your baby can dress just like the strong, yet small dog. The easiest way to make a custom Bolt costume is by purchasing a light-colored dog baby costume and then painting a black bolt on the back of it. This will easily represent Bolt and have a cute costume that can be remembered for years to come.


As an alternative to the Bolt costume, you can easily transform a dog costume design into the undead canine known as Frankenweenie. Instead of painting a black bolt across a dog costume, you can use a black permanent marker to draw small stitch marks across the fur of the dog. This can create a look that resembles Frankenweenie and is a fun design to dress your baby up as.


Throughout all of Pocahontas's adventures, she always had her faithful raccoon companion Meeko by her side. Meeko is a small raccoon and you can easily create this character design with a raccoon jumpsuit costume for your baby. Not only will a layered costume keep your infant warm, but the hood design can feature a raccoon face, fur pattern, and ears similar to Meeko. This is also a great matching costume idea if you decide to dress up yourself as Pocahontas and carry your little raccoon baby by your side during a holiday like Halloween.

Watch Disney movies and browse through various digital costume catalogs to brainstorm additional ideas for your baby's outfit.