What You Should Know About Bounce House Rental For Your Child's Party

If you've been thinking about renting a bounce house for your child's next birthday, that's sure to make it a party to remember. You might be a bit apprehensive about it if you've never rented one, though. Understanding both the benefits of offering a bounce house at your party as well as the safety things you need to consider will help you to make sure that the party is the success that you're envisioning. Here are some things you should know before you rent.

Benefits of Bounce House Rental

There are many benefits to renting a bounce house for your child's party. Here are a few of the key ones you should know.

They provide a great outlet for energy. Kids at a birthday party are often excited, energetic and fidgety. Add to that the cake, party treats and ice cream and you have a recipe for lots and lots of pent up energy. A bounce house is a great way for kids to relieve that energy without risking serious injury or damage to your property.

They are safer than public play areas. Unlike the public play destination with the ball pits and the constantly-running inflatables, you can be sure that any inflatable device that you rent will have been thoroughly inspected for any damage and completely disinfected and cleaned before delivery. That ensures that you don't have to worry about introducing germs. Ball pits and things of that nature in public facilities are much harder to keep clean, making a bounce house a safer option for your child's party.

They can save you money on the party costs. When you have a bounce house at the party, it's likely to keep the kids entertained for quite a while. That allows you to make the bounce house the central attraction instead of having to spend tons of money on many other activities and things. You can add a few smaller activities instead, saving on your overall party budget.

Things To Watch For

If you decide to rent a bounce house for your child's party, there are a few things you should be aware of for safety. The more proactive you are, the lower the risk of any potential problems.

Remember the age or weight limit. Most inflatable rentals like bounce houses have age and weight restrictions for safety. These limits are put in place because of the weight capacity of the structure. Make sure that you ask the rental company about the age or weight restrictions for the bounce house and be attentive to enforcing them.

Have someone available to supervise at all times. Children shouldn't be allowed in the bounce house without some adult supervision at all times. This often means having a couple of extra adults attend the party so that you have some helpers. Make sure that everyone knows who is watching the kids so that there is no confusion.

Don't permit shoes or anything sharp in the bounce house. Before any child can go into the bounce house, they need to remove their shoes and then an adult should look over their clothes for anything sharp. Whether it's a hair clip or a key chain, anything sharp could puncture the bounce house. In addition, sharp objects could cause physical injuries as the kids bounce around and play.

Talk to your insurance agent about liability protection. When you rent a bounce house for the party, there is some degree of liability risk. After all, if a child at the party is injured inside the bounce house or someone trips over the cables, you may be liable. Your insurance agent can help you understand how to keep everyone safe without risking your finances. He or she may even be able to tell you what liability hazards are covered under your homeowner's insurance.

The more you understand about bounce house safety and the benefit of having one at your child's party, the better your chances are of ensuring that the event is successful. Talk with your local equipment and party rental company, such as White Bear Rental, for more ideas and to see what kind of bounce house you can rent.