5 T-Shirt Buying Tips To Heed When Shopping For A Friend's Newborn Baby

Is your good friend soon to have a baby? Are you new to baby clothes shopping but want to get the little tyke a T-shirt with a special saying or design on it? If you've already got a design in mind that you want to have screen-printed on a shirt but don't know where to go from there, here are 5 T-shirt buying tips you should know when shopping for somebody else's newborn baby.

1. Go With A Dark Color

Gastroesophageal reflux can cause babies to regurgitate a portion of their food, and nearly all babies are born with the condition. A large percentage of babies will spit up at least 3 times a day, and some will do it up to 10-12 times a day. This means that there is a very good chance that the T-shirt you buy your friend's baby will at some point in time be thrown up on. If you want the T-shirt to last more than a few wears and still look good, opt for a darker color; lighter colors stain more easily.

2. Opt For Organic Material And Natural Dyes

You will want to make sure that the dye used to color the baby's T-shirt is a natural one -- not a synthetic dye. Babies' immune systems are not fully developed until about 6 months after birth. Because of this, they are susceptible to experiencing an allergic reaction from textiles. Besides using natural dyes for color, you'll also want to make sure the T-shirt is made from a 100 percent organic material, such as cotton or silk. 

3. Look For A Large Neck Opening

By the time a baby is 9 months old, his or her brain is half the size it will be at adulthood. The rapidly growing brains of babies require them to have skulls that are proportionately larger than their bodies when compared to adults' skulls. In order for your expecting friend to be able to easily get a T-shirt on and off of her new baby, look for a T-shirt style that has a big neck opening or snaps that allow the collar to be expanded. Avoid button collars, though; buttons pose choking hazards for babies.

4. Keep It Loose

When a baby is born, their umbilical cord is cut and clamped, but its stump usually remains attached to the baby for 5-15 days after birth. Tight-fitting clothing can press against the umbilical cord stump, causing irritation and possibly infection. If you want your friend's baby to be able to wear the shirt you get them in the first few weeks of their life, steer clear of newborn T-shirts that look super tiny or stretchy. Instead, aim for a loose-style T-shirt that will allow plenty of air circulation around the belly and keep the baby's umbilical cord stump dry and irritation-free. 

5. Shoot For High SPIs

SPI stands for stitches per inch, and you want the T-shirt you buy your friend's baby to have an SPI of 10 to 12 or higher. Why? Babies have tiny little fingers and not a whole lot of control over them. If the stitches on a T-shirt's seams are spread too far apart, the baby could slip one of their fingers in between the stitches, cutting off circulation to the finger or twisting or bending it. Check the tag on the T-shirt you buy your friend's baby for a high SPI count so the seams don't pose a risk of injury.

If you've got a design or saying that you want to have screen-printed on a T-shirt for your friend's soon-to-arrive baby, make sure the shirt you have it printed on gets worn. Use the above tips to decide on a T-shirt style that will be safe and comfortable for the newborn baby. For more information, talk to a local t-shirt printing company like Absolute Screen Printing